Kristi and TJ – Engagement and Engagement Session at EPCOT and Boardwalk Disney

Last weekend I had the pleasure of capturing a special moment for two great people. Kristi and TJ scheduled an engagement session at Disney World to celebrate their engagement. The kicker was that they were to be engaged at the beginning of the session! We began at EPCOT, right when the park opened, and, as you’ll see below, TJ popped the question immediately! A small crowd had gathered around them while TJ was proposing, and as he finished, we could hear the clapping and “way to go buddy!” It was a pretty neat experience. From there, we made our way through the park, using the Flower and Garden Festival as our backdrop. We also ventured to the Boardwalk behind EPCOT for a change of pace.

Their wedding is less than four months away! If our time with them last weekend was any indication, their wedding is going to be an awesome affair! Until then, enjoy the set!


TJ-1 TJ-2 TJ-3

TJ-18 TJ-22

TJ-33 TJ-34 TJ-39 TJ-41 TJ-43 TJ-44 TJ-45

TJ-55 TJ-56 TJ-57 TJ-58 TJ-60 TJ-61

TJ-71 TJ-72 TJ-73 TJ-74 TJ-75 TJ-76 TJ-77

TJ-85 TJ-88 TJ-91 TJ-93

TJ-100 TJ-101 TJ-102 TJ-105 TJ-107 TJ-108 TJ-109

Emily and Steve – Jacksonville Engagement Session

This past weekend, we traveled up to Jacksonville to visit two of our friends who had recently gotten engaged. We planned to go to Downtown Jacksonville, which has some great backdrops, to do an engagement session. The weather was perfect for us, the sun was behind some light clouds and the temperature was maybe 65-70 degrees. We started at the Riverwalk area, with the intention of using the great blue bridge as a backdrop. We walked far enough that we just decided to walk up onto the bridge, and wouldn’t you know it, a boat needed to cut under the bridge. Cue the stopped traffic. We took advantage of that and capture a couple of shots in the middle of the road… a couple of my favorites.

After our time Downtown, which included a couple pictures in front of a weird mural with a taco, we went to a local park to finish up the session. Probably one of the more unique things we’ve found in doing any session, were these leaves that looked like hearts. It was pretty strange… they were almost perfectly shaped. You can see those in the set below.

Sadly, we won’t be able to shoot their wedding… but, we’re in the wedding party, so that’s okay! I’ve promised to wear a GoPro camera and capture some really unique POV videos. Kidding of course.






Enjoy the set!


Emily and Steve-1 Emily and Steve-2 Emily and Steve-3

Emily and Steve-9 Emily and Steve-11 Emily and Steve-12 Emily and Steve-13 Emily and Steve-14

Emily and Steve-15 Emily and Steve-16 Emily and Steve-22 Emily and Steve-17 Emily and Steve-18

Emily and Steve-25 Emily and Steve-26 Emily and Steve-28

Emily and Steve-37 Emily and Steve-39

Emily and Steve-46 Emily and Steve-47 Emily and Steve-48

Emily and Steve-53 Emily and Steve-56 Emily and Steve-59

Emily and Steve-66 Emily and Steve-68 Emily and Steve-70 Emily and Steve-72 Emily and Steve-73 Emily and Steve-74 Emily and Steve-75

Brandon and Megan – Maitland Art Center Wedding

“Us Against The World”

This past Saturday, the day after Valentine’s Day, we had the pleasure of shooting our first wedding of the year at the Maitland Art Center. We had been working with Brandon and Megan since late 2013. After scheduling their wedding services, we shot an engagement session with them at a local ranch. It was an awesome session that really set the table for what we could expect for the wedding.

Saturday was a gorgeous day weather wise. I think we really got lucky because up until the weekend, the temperatures had been all over the place, and it had been raining off and on for, what seemed to be, weeks. We arrived at the MAC around 2:30pm to start capturing the unique details that the center had to offer. Plus, there was this amazing tree at the street intersection that we just had to check out. It proved to be an A+ backdrop for multiple pictures. Speaking of backdrops and props, the groom is an ex-Marine, and the bride’s brother is an active duty marine. You’ll see some great shots of the Marine dress hat, used as a prop, that we were able to pull off thanks to the bride’s brother.

The day lasted about 7 hours, give or take a few minutes. It was a great intimate ceremony and reception. It really let us get close for a lot of images of not only the bride and groom, but also of those in attendance. I hope you enjoy the set, as this is just a preview of great things to come in 2014!

Thanks for visiting.


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A Bright Experiment

On Friday evening, Sarah and I went out to a local park with the goal of trying to create some really nice shots of the two of us with backlighting. I haven’t been using backlighting in any of our photo sessions, mainly because I didn’t have the proper equipment. However, a couple months back, I bought a Yongnuo flash and a Cowboy Studio wireless trigger set from An Asian And His Camera. I had already scheduled several weddings for 2014 that were in the evening, so I wanted to try a few things out before being “on the clock”. Oh, and not to mention, we haven’t taken pictures like this ever, and haven’t really had any nice shots of us done since our wedding almost 7 years ago. Thank goodness for the 10 second timer :)

We didn’t get to stay out too long… the weather was pretty cool, and it was also trying to rain. Ultimately, we did achieve what I set out to do. The first shot you’ll see below was an added bonus. I didn’t try to get a shot like this, Sarah just happened to flip her hair as I was testing the lighting, but the outcome was pretty cool! I’m really excited how each shot came out, and I can’t wait to use this technique on site with my clients!


Hair Flip


Black and White

Full Frame

Full Frame Smooch


Brian and Nikki’s Engagemiversary

Yesterday was a big day for our clients Brian and Nikki. Not only was it their big day for engagement photos, but it was also their 7 year anniversary. Additionally, it was 10 months to the day before their wedding! We were very lucky to spend the morning “celebrating” all of these things with them in, no other than, Celebration – which is also the location of their wedding!

We started out at the Bank of America Tower and the Town Center, eventually made our way to the white fences at the golf course, Arbor Circle, and finally a linear park at Mulberry Avenue and Longmeadow Street. Besides a lack of sun, the weather was perfect. There was a bit of a nip in the air, but that was much better than the alternative.

The best thing about the session was that Nikki knew exactly what she wanted. We had been working together for around 4-5 months via e-mail and Pinterest, sharing ideas and discussing how the morning would unfold. The plans were executed well, which really gives me a great feeling about shooting their wedding in October.

Enjoy the set, and check back in about 10 months to see their wedding!


(P.S. – My Facebook page is 3 “Likes” away from 300, go be a small part of internet history :)

Wirth-1 Wirth-2 Wirth-3

Wirth-4 Wirth-5 Wirth-6 Wirth-7

Wirth-10 Wirth-11 Wirth-14

Wirth-25 Wirth-26

Wirth-28 Wirth-19 Wirth-20


The Czyzewski Family

The second-to-last session of 2013 brought us to my old town of Satellite Beach, about 2 miles from where I went to Junior and High School. The Czyzewski Family had reunited for the holiday’s, and it was time to capture some memories during a lovely, but windy, Sunday morning.

While the wind was whipping around, the lighting was phenomenal. I had only done one session on the beach, and that was in the evening, so this was a nice time to take advantage of the environment, and try some different techniques with composition. The entire family was in great spirits, including daper little Hudson! The blue and white clothing choices really helped all of the pictures pop, and get to another level. I’m really pleased with the final product… hopefully it’s not too long before we make it back out to beachside for another session on the water.

Enjoy the set!



Baby Czyzewski

The Little Guy

Czyzewski-31 Czyzewski-35 Czyzewski-38 Czyzewski-40 Czyzewski-46 Czyzewski-51 Czyzewski-52

Beach Walking

Happy New Year

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. So long 2013.

We’ve reached the end of another 365 day cycle, which means it’s time to reflect on the days that have passed. As I’ve stated many times on my Facebook page, 2013 was unreal. Our clients were amazing, and the support we received was humbling.

With all of that said, where do we go now? How about, before we move forward, we look back at some of the great images that came from 2013. We’re going all the way back to January to travel through the year of images. I think it’s a pretty interesting trip to see how we started out stylistically in the beginning of the year, compared to where we are now. It really makes me excited for the next year!

Let us get right to it then. There’s no ranking, the images will just be shown based upon when they were taken over the year.


The Ramos Family

The Ramos Family, Ashley and Nick, came to us via the internet! They were our first gig of 2013, and our first out-of-state clients. They came to Disney to renew their vows and spend time at the parks with their 3 children. I used the fisheye lens to capture a lot of the scenery at Disney’s Boardwalk. I like how it turned out: Ashley and Nick, blue sky, the water, the boardwalk itself, and the hotels in the back. It pretty much summarizes why fisheye lenses are awesome.

The Ramos Family



In February we were able to break the mold of primarily family sessions by doing a pro-bono single session. We met up with Larisa in Downtown Deland to take advantage of the weather and historic scenery. This session provided us with our best learning experience to date.



Erica and Jorden

In March we returned to Disney, EPCOT specifically, for our first on-site engagement session. Erica and Jorden are big Disney fans like us, so we were able to translate that into some really neat pictures around the park. This picture, however, really has nothing to do with EPCOT. It has everything to do with the “eye-shot”. One of my favorite pictures of the year.

Erica and Jorden


The Dougherty Family

The Doughtery Family came to us via a session we had in 2012: Amy and Yasmani. Jennifer is Amy’s sister, and she wanted some family pictures. Ironically we took the pictures at the same location where we took Amy and Yasmani’s engagement pictures. The ambient lighting really worked well for this shot.



The Ardito Wedding

The first wedding of the year, and our first one ever. It was a backyard wedding in a local neighborhood, which made the logistics a lot easier. The groom was also the brother of a close friend, which helped calm the nerves. I really like this picture because of the work that it involved. The original shot included the officiant in-between the bride and groom. However, with a little editing, she dissapeared into thin air :)

The Ardito Wedding

The Parker Family

Our second out-of-state clients were from Texas! It was another Disney World session, this time at EPCOT in June. It was… how can I say…. HOT. Very muggy, and of course, like any good Florida summer, it rained. This image was captured before the rain, but you can see how cloudy it was already. I decided to modify the Dance Hall building again to reflect their vacation at Disney. It was something I did for Erica and Jorden’s session back in February, and the Parker’s gave us a great opportunity to do the same type of thing.

Parker Family


Ron and Dee

Everything changed in August. After two months of learning the ropes of my newly acquired 5D Mark II, I started shooting exclusively in RAW format. The editing process improved dramatically and in turn the makeup of every session changed for the better. Ron and Dee contacted us on a weekend in July about shooting their backyard wedding. It was probably one of the more fun sessions we had on a session as their entire family treated us like we were long time friends. It was a theme that really continued on for the rest of the year.

Ron and Dee


Brittney was the first to take advantage of a month long pro-bono special I ran for single-sessions. The results of her session proved, to me at least, the positive aspects of shooting in RAW format. It continued to get better from here…



Caroline was the second pro-bono session for the month. This was around the time I started to experiment with additional image depth by adding elements to the foreground of pictures. It is now something I try to do in every session, especially with couples.



Tricia was the third contestant during “pro-bono August”. We made the mistake of going to Downtown Sanford during one of their evening events, so we had a limited area where we could work. I had a tough time picking one image from her session because we really did get a lot with unique lighting and backgrounds. This image brought it all together with the backlighting, the shadow, and the wind. Another top from the year.



Finally, a young man to break up the female dominated pro-bono month. The best part about Griffin’s session, and in chatting with his mom? Lots of Yankee bashing :) Go Sox!

But really, check out that lighting during sunset at Uptown Altamonte.


The Santana Wedding

Originally, this was the one and only wedding we had scheduled in 2013. I constantly attribute this session to what happened in 2013, and what is planned in 2014. Amy and Yas put their special day into our hands months before we had any experience shooting weddings. It was due to their confidence that we ended up with six weddings in 2013, and began booking for 2014.

I really like this shot because it was unplanned. It rained from the end of the ceremony until about halfway in to the reception. We took advantage of the rain break to run out in the street (without cars coming of course) to get this shot. It actually ended up being featured on an Instagram account with the hashtag #umbrellamondays. Thank you x10000, Amy and Yas!!

The Santana Wedding


The Weeble Wedding

Beer and german singing best define this wedding. Aside from those two awesome things, this wedding was great because the bride was a member of the church I went to growing up, as was her family. It had been probably over 10 years since I had seen any of the family, so we had a great time reacquainting and such. The lighting off of the cement and the reaction of the bride’s sister makes this a session favorite.

The Weeble Wedding

Ali and Shane

Once of the great things is when a wedding client decides to also do engagement pictures. It’s a great time to learn their style and build a great rapport. Ali and Shane met us at the Magic Kingdom to capture their engagement photos. After a brief clothing snafu, we had an exceptional session with the two of them. The picture I chose was timely as the usual weekend sky writers were working on creating their message, and it tied in perfectly with our session. We can’t wait for their wedding in June.

Ali and Shane

The Ashley Wedding

What else can I say besides, “This Bud’s for You”.

The Ashley Wedding


Brandon and Megan

Brandon and Megan are getting married in February, and this past November we captured some engagement photos at a local ranch. The grounds were amazing, and so was the lighting. There were a lot of favorites out of this session, but this one won out thanks to the lighting and the pre-kiss. We’re really looking forward to shooting their wedding in February.

Brandon and Megan


We don’t take pictures of too many animals, but November brought us Lyla. An adorable 10 week puppy, her owner Katie, and roommate Molly, wanted to get some pictures done before she got too big. Cute is a massive understatement.


Talk about a paradigm shifter. Kelsie is a close friend of ours who needed some new shots for her modeling portfolio. We met up in Baldwin Park, and she totally blew me away. It was the first time I had worked with someone who had modeling experience, and it immediately made my job a lot easier. This shot is by far my favorite from the session, and one of my top favorites from the year.


The Browning Family

I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with people as a result of running the business. It’s happened a few times over the last couple of years. However, I think the award for “longest time since I saw you last” goes to Lindsey. We estimated that it was probably 12-13 years since we had run in to each other last. This picture really captured their family well, with her daughter, Zoe, “running” the show :)

The Browning Family

The Reid Family

This picture is probably one of the cutest shots ever taken. That’s really all there is to say. We’re looking forward to working with the Reid’s again this summer!

The Reid Family

The Keel Family

Holiday photo’s can be a hoot… especially when the two boys of the family get ahold of the props!

The Keel Family


Kenny and Vivian

Another instance of not seeing someone in a long time. Kenny was my first college roommate, who I hadn’t seen in close to 9 years. We reconnected early in December for an engagement session with his fiancé at Turkey Lake Park. Again, another paradigm changing moment for editing style and composition. I love this shot.

Kenny and VivianThe Phillips

It’s a rare thing for me to have time to take pictures of friends. But when I can, I try to make the most of the time we have to work together. Natalie and Stephen are two of our closest friends, and the two people I’ve wanted to capture this shot with for a while. Old bridge + two close friends = perfect.

The Phillips

The Hasegawa Family

I mean, how cute is this composite image? Mom and dad spelling out their daughter’s name, and Lexi just chillin’ there like no big deal? Come on…

The Hasegawa Family

Alycia and Taylor

More friends! Alycia is one of my biggest backers in business, and a long time friend for Sarah and I. Out of all of our friends, we’ve captured A&T the most, usually with astounding results. Their session in December was no different.

Alycia and TaylorBaby Sikonia

Over the last 18 months we’ve captured our fair share of babies. None, however, were as young as little Sigrun. At a whopping 3 weeks old, she was a little handful. But as you can see, pretty adorable when she got comfortable.

Baby Sikonia

The Alcorn Wedding

The last wedding of the year! James and Haili were referred when their original photographer ran in to a scheduling conflict. Captured at the fantastic Town Manor on the Lake in Auburndale, there were a lot of little details. This shot was taken at the back of the property during sunset, right as the clouds starting to interfere with the sunlight.

The Alcorn Wedding

Brian and Kat

This session was probably the most complete couples session of the year. From capturing small details, to the large details of the building, we couldn’t help but be satisfied with the outcome of their session. The picture I chose doesn’t have the hotel in frame at all, instead, a garden of flowers that provided an amazing contrast and foreground candy.

Brian and KatThe Czyzewski Family

In only our second beach session of the year, the Czyzewski family brought big smiles and a lot of energy. This was another session where it was tough to pick a favorite, but I think it’s most appropriate to pick the shot before we went onto the beach and the wind starting messing up everyone’s hair :)

The Czyzewski Family

The Kane Family

Here’s one to make mom and dad proud. Three siblings and their (supposed) first “professional” picture together.

The Kane Family

That’s it! 

We’ve made it to the end. Thank you for checking out the post, and please be sure to check in during 2014!

Happy New Year!!