A Whole New (fisheye) World : 2013! : Post 1 : Beam Me Up, Scotty

It’s the return of a classic 2012 photoset, A Whole New (fisheye) World. The wife and I recently did two full days at all four Disney World theme parks, and I brought along my fisheye lens to get some new shots for 2013.

Tonight’s shot is from the queuing area of Mission : SPACE at EPCOT. This is the ride, to be blunt, that has killed people in the past. Since those crazy times of when the ride initially opened, they have opened a much, much less intense version, known as the Green Team option. Anyway, on the way in to the ride, you walk through some really neat areas that show you some NASA history, and some faux NASA future.

This picture is of the main open queuing area. You can see some replica machines, a rover, etc. Again, taken with the fisheye lens on my Canon.

More excellent fisheye Disney shots to come!


Beam Us Up!

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